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Lo, there is light CD


Lo, there is light! Christmas choral music from around the world

Some melodies are irrevocably linked to Christmas -- try humming 'Away in a Manger' in June and soon enough someone will exclaim about Christmas being months away. All the pieces on this CD describe aspects of the Christmas story -- angels singing, shepherds with their flocks, Mary and her baby Jesus -- as told by different cultures in different ages. The lyrics tell a 2000-year-old-story that has been elaborated on, imagined and poetically described.


1. A Fanfare For Christmas - arr. Robin Wells (1:02)

2. Dixit Maria Ad Angelum - Hans Leo Hassler (2:34)

3. In Dulci Jubilo - arr. R L Pearsall (3:46)

4. Coventry Carol - arr. Martin Shaw (2:20)

5. Wexford Carol - trad. Irish, arr. Rutter (4:21)

6. Alleluya, A New Work Is Come On Hand - Peter Wishart (2:41)

7. Away in a Manger - W J Kirkpatrick, arr. David Willcocks (2:51)

8. Rju, Rju, Chiu - Mateo Flecha the Elder (2:37)

9. Birthday Carol - David Willcocks (2:55)

10. Wiehchten - Mendelssohn (1:42)

11. Infant Holy - trad. Polish, arr. David Willcocks (1:51)

12. Gaudete - 16th century (1:52)

13. I Wonder As I Wander - trad. Appalchian, arr. Rutter (3:11)

14. Out Of Your Sleep - Richard Rodney Bennett (2:17)

15. El Cant Des Ocells - trad. Catalan, arr. Enrique Ribo (2:50)

16. Jingle Bells - James Lord Pierpont, arr. David Willcocks (2:16)

17. Rise Up, Shepherd And Follow - spiritual, arr. Rutter (2:47)

18. Lo, There Is Light! - Matthew Orlovich (3:19)

19. Quem Pastores Laudavere - 14th century carol, arr. John Rutter (1:41)

20. Issay, Issay - trad. Ethiopian, arr. Philip Kern (3:20)

Choir members 

Soprano: Helen Hurbridge, Nicole Carey, Kirsten Duncan, Jillian Harding, Laura Lloyd Jones, Siwan Lovett, Allison Tryon.

Alto: Frances Anggadi, Elizabeth Chalker, Rashmi Madan, Barbara Monsma, Georgie Rogers, Peppi Wilson.

Tenor: Rhys Hayward, Andrew Koll, Craig Mewett, Richard Phillips.

Bass: Tom Clarke, AJ Dean, Chris Prosser, Evan Squire, Michael Wilson.

Piano: Craig Mewett.



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